I enjoyed the pleasure of a past life / life -between-lives hypnotherapy session with Cheryll recently. I began with a firm belief in the afterlife and the power of the subconscious mind, extensive research and years of prior meditation, thus I had preparatory experience I found Cheryll to be sincere, interested in me and the process and good at her profession. While there is obviously no way to empirically evaluate the truth of what happened, I believe my session to have been well managed and after reflection I believe that much or all of what I experienced was the truth.. As an experienced critical thinker and researcher, I recommend Cheryll to anyone who is interested in their past lives and their life-between-lives and desire to research them. One can only gain from the experience – there is nothing to fear, and only love and understanding to gain.
— B.F.
I first want to thank you for such an amazing experience! Cheryl you were instrumental in helping me connect to a place I felt in my heart had to be true. I knew that I was not from this earth and always felt a connection with the universe, alien species and angelic realms. The experience moved my heart and allowed me to free myself of some restrictions I had set holding me back from moving forward in life. Your voice was so calming and I will never forget how you helped me. I will be back soon to do the weight loss session and I am sending as many people your way as I can.

Thanks again for everything!
— KW
Wow 2 sessions with Cheryl and although my obsession with sugar (jelly beans) has not left me completely my (addiction 1 bag a day)with them is not forefront in my mind. I haven’t bought any in 2 weeks or even have wanted them. Thank you Cheryll
In my job I frequently give presentations and have speaking engagements. I had hypnotherapy with Cheryll to improve my public speaking and communication skills. The last speaking engagement I had, I blew the roof down. Thank you Cheryll, for helping me become an even better speaker. I highly recommend Cheryll Robertson as a hypnotherapist. If you want to up your life skills and realize your potential, you need to have a session with this lady!
— Gloria Danvers
As a 7 year old I was molested by my dentist. Because he and my parents were friends, I told no one. I suppressed my emotions for 63 years. Through 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Cheryll, she brought all of these negative feelings to the surface, and I was finally able to let them go. Thank you Cheryll!
— pb
Our hypnosis session recording combined with a low lectin eating style helped me lose 35 lbs. in 4 months. And I am still going strong, feeling better, more energy and happy. Thank you so much for what you do.
— Sherry Weber. St. Augustine, FL
I, Paul Watts, had the hypnosis to quit smoking and it was very successful. Cheryll Roberson the hypnotist is very professional as well as effective. The process takes approximately one hour. At the conclusion of the session. She took my remaining cigarettes, and I have not smoked since the session. I am surrounded by others do smoke and it does not have any affect on me causing me to want to smoke. She is very effective and I would recommend her to anyone that has a desire to break a habit.
— Paul Watts

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